Ryerson Rocketry

The Ryerson Rocketry Club (RRC) is a team of students who all share a common passion for wanting to build and launch high-powered rockets. We aim to teach new students the basics of rocketry as well as exposing them to many advanced manufacturing and design techniques, as well as working with electronics as part of our avionics, payload, and recovery systems.

We compete each year at the Spaceport America Cup, formerly known as Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) to deliver a payload to 30,000 feet in our custom-designed, supersonic rocket. This past year, we achieved Second Place in the 30,000 ft commercial solid rocket motor category. We are the ONLY design team at Ryerson to break the sound barrier! 

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Ryerson Aero Design​
 The Ryerson Aero Design (RAD) team is a completely student-run club that was created in 1986 and has been active ever since. We design and build radio-controlled aircraft for competition every year.
The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Aero Design Series is annually held in the US. This competition consists of a payload-lifting contest between aircraft from universities all over the world. Teams can build aircraft for three different categories with different rules and constraints, generally focusing on carrying as much payload as possible while completing an air circuit of the flying field.
We build at least two aircraft each year for the Regular and Micro classes, where we apply aerodynamic analysis, material selection, and precise construction to design and build a plane that can withstand the competition.  
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Ryerson Cansat
A CanSat, as the name would suggest, is a Can-sized Satellite. Ryerson University participates in the CanSat Competition which is hosted by NASA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and American Astronautical Society (AAS), down at Texas. The main objective of the competition is to give the participants the opportunity to feel the life-cycle of a real complex engineering design project. 
Every year, there is a new objective. Last year, we had to design an autonomous glider that was self-powered and had to transmit data throughout the flight. This year the objective is to simulate the landing of a space probe by incorporating heat shields into the design, and landing strategies which would leave an egg intact once it is released from the rocket.

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Ryerson Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Ryerson Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Team (RUAV) is an aerospace design team composed of engineering students from all different disciplines. They compete annually at the national level at the Unmanned Systems Canada Student Competition typically held in Manitoba or Quebec.

They design unmanned aerial systems that can complete a variety of different missions ranging from wildlife surveillance to law enforcement scenarios. The team is split into multiple sub teams including: Flight Crew, Ground Control, Coding, Imagery and Payload. There is something for everyone on RUAV!
RUAV Website